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Family Day Care Schemes - Maximise Tax Deductions

At Smarter Advisory and Accounting Strathfield, if you operate Family Day Care Scheme you are in good hands.  We can assist you with tax advice and Accounting,  to grow your business. We have hands on experience and can guide you in the direction you want to run your business.

Some of the tax deductions can be escaped when you are running day to day operations. Although you may have been operating within the Family Day Care industry for a number of years the grind of the business can lose sight of things.

We will take care of your business including, keeping your records for the tax deductions, applying for the insurance, setting up super funds and registration of the GST.  

As you are managing the family day care educators we can advise you for your educators how they can maximise their returns for the home operations.  Moreover, how GST registrations can benefit the educators even if they are working a few days a week.

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Childcare Centres - Childcare bookkeeping and Payroll

When you are the owner of the childcare centre you know the rigours regulations of the childcare industry.  You have a very busy day ahead of you everyday with lots of challenges.  What we help to those busy owners like yourself is we provide payroll and financial solutions so that your business can be run easily stress free.  So you can move on with your day to day activities.   

We use Xero as a software with rostering addons like Tanda so that your staff pays are never missed. 

Your cash flow is the core of how you run your business.  We can give valuable advice to what your business needs in order to survive in the uncertain times. 

Lets rebudget the figures with new situations of post COVID-19.  We would put you in the strong position so your budget is reflective of the real situation.

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We have an experienced team making financial life easy.

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