Small Business Tax Returns

Tailored Packages for your small business by Burwood Accountant

We understand peace of mind is crucial in knowing that your small business tax returns and financial reports have been completed with maximum tax outcomes. We manage your income tax liabilities on a monthly or quarterly basis so you can stay ahead for your cash flow with no surprises. Our efficient processes will also ensure that your tax returns is completed by our accountants without having to spend too much time and stress.

GST & BAS returns

Did you know that you are able to defer your GST if you are a GST registered importer? When you do your small business tax returns with us, we can arrange this for you.  You will pay GST when you import your goods unless you have deferred your GST. If you are registered for GST, you also can claim GST credits on imported products in the BAS lodged on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Late Tax Returns

Have you received a letter from ATO? Talk to us if you have small business tax returns that are overdue as penalties can be heavy. We will assist you by simplifying the process with the ATO by saving time and tax refunds. We minimise tax payable and maximise refunds.

Capital gains tax

Whether you are an owner of small business wanting to sell your business with the best possible minimisation strategy on savings your tax or an investment property owner wanting to know the best ways to minimise your tax we can assist you with this service. Our strategy is to minimise taxation payable and maximise refunds.

Trades Businesses

If you are experiencing growth in your trades business your business expenses should be going up too. We can assist you whether you need that extra help tracking business expenses or those Excel spreadsheets that gives you a headache or reconciling your accounts or to support you with general increased in financial responsibilities to manage your business. We recommend our clients to use ATO log book app to track your vehicle related expenses to make your tax time less taxing as a tax maximising strategy.

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