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Missed the ATO deadlines? No stress.  For individual tax returns or personal tax returns our tax accountant Sydney can assist you fast and easy.  Maximise your deductions for your tax return with your local tax agent near me.

If you are looking for a tax accountant near me in the local Burwood area or in Sydney look no further. Either you have a simple lodgement or backlogs to meet ATO deadlines, we can assist promptly over the phone. Call us for meeting your obligation with ATO fast for your individual tax returns in your local Burwood area with local accountant Burwood.

Our processes are easy and simple. Just give us a call,  We will ask you some questions relevant to your situation. Your late individual returns will be completed in no time. Your accountant will be in contact with you shortly after.  You can live without having to worry about those nagging personal tax returns.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to complete a tax return?

It’s not a simple answer as you may realise.  It depends on many factors.  You have been at least earning more than $18,200 during the financial year. Your employer has withheld some tax amount. The answer is probably yes.  Even though you may have been earning lower than the threshold if your employer has held tax it’s your advantage to do a tax return as this amount can be refunded to you.

Is it better going to a tax agent?

A tax agent would be a good choice for you especially if you have missed the deadline. A tax agent can also give you advice on what you can claim depending on your occupation.  Their expertise can assist you with not only having to stress about getting taxes done but also can save you money or better refund rate.

Where can I find a good tax accountant?

A good tax accountant Sydney can be found through friends and family who have had a good experience the professional. Social media and also testimonials from various sources can give you a shortlist of accountants who you can speak to.   If you are looking for tax agent near me we are Burwood NSW based Tax Agent & Tax Accountant. Maximum Refund Guaranteed.  

What is a tax offset?

A tax offset will reduce the tax payable amount.  There are two types of tax offsets which will apply to the tax payable depending on the amounts.  Low income tax offset or low and middle income tax offset can be included when your income is calculated.

How long will I need to keep records of my tax claims?

If a claim has been made in the tax return as a tax deduction, these records of must be kept.  Such receipts, diaries etc will need to be kept for as long as five years. 

Tax returns Sydney

Individual Tax Returns

Individual tax returns in Australia cover the financial year from 1st July to 30th June. To complete a tax return, you have to lodge it with the ATO or through a tax agent by 31st October. You are required to include how much money you earned and any expenses that you can claim as deductions. This information is required to check the amount of tax you should pay. Needless to say, you pay income on all forms of income. This includes wages from your normal job. It can include captial gains from investments or profits from your business.
As you may have already experienced, lodging tax returns Sydney is often very hectic. There are so many calculations that ought to be done and penalties to be aware of. To make work easier for you, our team at Smarter Advisory & Accounting is here to help. As your tax agent our primary aim is to make this process of individual income tax return fast and easy. It doesn’t matter if you have backlogs to meet the ATO deadlines, we will assist you promptly.
Bookkeeping Services
Do you know the major reason most businesses find themselves with lots of paper work before tax time? This is because of poor bookkeeping. Poor bookkeeping will make it hard for you to know how much you owe to the tax man and make budgeting hard. It is common to be slapped with a tax bill every financial year when your books are not tidy.
One of the primary services for businesses we offer is bookkeeping. Our team will help you with your cash flow challenges. We also help you know how much tax you owe and how much deduction you can claim. We will help you bring everything up to date so that you can speed up the process of filing tax returns Sydney. Our A to Z bookkeeping services for individuals and small businesses include:
· Cash flow reporting
· Bookkeeping and payroll services
· Fixed fee
· BAS & IAS services

Late Tax Returns

Have you missed the ATO deadlines? We specialize in late tax returns and will help you bring your late tax returns up to date. In regards to the fines and penalties, you may end up with a refund from the ATO. In this case penalties will most likely not apply. Our team can also help you give a legitimate explanation to the ATO for late filing.
The main reason most people don’t do individual tax returns is they lost their payment summaries. Or they don’t know how to get that information.
If you are one of those people, Smarter Advisory & Accounting – accountant Burwood can help. When you pick us as your tax agent, we will lodge late tax returns on your behalf and help you know what those amounts are.

Online Tax Returns

With the pandemic around, you don’t have to come to our office. We can offer you the help you need on individual income tax return online. We provide you with a link where you enter your personal details and give us permission to be your tax agent.
Our mission is to offer individuals a quick and convenient way to file tax returns Sydney. Get in touch with us for a fixed fee quote.

Individual Tax Returns from $49

Experienced and dependable tax agent for all your individual tax returns and late tax return needs in Australia.

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